January House Keeping | Portland Family Photographer | Portland, OR

January is a great month to do some house keeping. It is a time to pull out that computer and start your albums from 2016 or maybe 2015 or maybe 2009! It doesn’t really matter, just as long as you are getting started. I always tell my husband that I would love for him to pay for a house keeper on Friday and take the kids away for the weekend so I can just work on albums! They are always the last thing that gets tackled and the first thing my children grab when they have to wait 15 minutes for their T.V. time to start in the morning.

Make a commitment to make one album a year. You will love it even more as time passes. They truly hold the treasures of our family memories. And if making them yourself with the digital files you purchased is too much, I would be HAPPY to make them. Just give me a shout!

In the meantime, check out Pinhole Press. They are a great photo company with a lot of fun printing ideas. Happy Day to you!



xo Annie

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