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I just cringe when talking with someone around the topic of data backup and they say, “Oh yeah, I keep meaning to do that!” No more! You can keep meaning to clean the toilet or clean out your closet, but nothing TRULY devastating will happen if you don’t do those things. If you don’t back up your images though and your computer crashes, your camera gets stolen or you accidentally reformat everything… YOU WILL LOOSE ALL YOUR IMAGES! I don’t think I can say this enough. I have had so many clients talk about loosing photos and it makes me so sad because those are documented memories that you can’t get back! You have them in your brain, but you can’t pass them along to your children.

Anyways.. PLEASE, back up your images!

Here are few companies, I don’t endorse, but have worked with and like.



Apple Time Machine

Dropbox (you can set your phone to automatically back up to dropbox after you take a picture)

Google Drive

These are just a few I have liked and use. Let me know if you have any others! I love learning about new technology.

xo Annie

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