Boy.. this time of year always gets me. I have not posted for a long time because I have been out taking advantage of this amazing Portland weather (well not today!) documenting some of Portland’s finest! ! I love getting a sneak peak into the everyday lives of these incredible families, many of which I have been photographing for a long time.  Watching these kiddos grow, come into their own, gain new skills, new loves, tackle life in new ways….   LOVE!

Ok… here we go:)


This will be a series of posts… I have been photographing this crew for a long time now and I just adore them both inside and out!!:)

HartmeyerJuly2014-1928 copy
HartmeyerJuly2014-1472 copy



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Sometimes in life, I have found that one needs to honor the need to retreat and take a break.  The past two months have been this with blogging for me. Life has been full and I needed to cut somewhere, so technology was it. I love staying connected and giving clients a little heads up on what we have been up to.  I am back now and am hoping to stay connected, by starting with this little bean.


OH… MY… GOODNESS! Is he not soo sweet…. and that hair… strawberry blonde spikes! I am in love! He was welcomed into this world by two of the nicest people ever.  Congratulations on your newest addition to your family. I wish you so much happiness! xoxo  Annie:)


FullmerWehner2014-6264 copy copy
FullmerWehner2014-6503 copy
FullmerWehner2014-6734 copy
FullmerWehner2014-6205 copy

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I have to apologize… I am trying… but I am not the best blogger in the world from a far shot! I am trying though and I guess that is good. My goal is to blog 1 x a week from now until the summer! I hope you are around to check it out:).  Enjoy!

xoxoxo…. Annie


By the way…. I am so in love with little beings hands and feet… so I leave you with this cutie! xo


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Thank you for your patience with our website remodel. It is a work in progress! I am hoping to have the links fixed and it done by the end of the week.

For now, I leave you with this pic I pulled up in my archives from a few years ago. Managed to get the boys ready for church on time. Sent them outside so I could finish up. Came outside to load up kids in the car and this is what I found: 3 happy boys playing on top of a flipped over canoe in the mud! Needless to say, we didn’t make it to church that day!!

One of life’s many memorable moments captured:)

xoxo Annie:)


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