The first time I photographed this family is when they were getting ready to welcome their oldest daughter into their beautiful crew.  I have so enjoyed getting to know them over the years and watch little Miss P grow and now be a wonderful and adoring big sister.  Welcome to the world little ones! Congratulations and such a beautiful crew A and S.  I wish you many wonderful years together.

xoxo Annie

WhiteDec2014-95 copy
WhiteDec2014-163 copy
WhiteDec2014-229 copy
WhiteDec2014-384 copy
WhiteDec2014-429 copy
WhiteDec2014-460 copy
WhiteDec2014-509 copy
WhiteDec2014-520 copy
WhiteDec2014-630 copy
WhiteDec2014-150 copy
WhiteDec2014-100 copy

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Happy New Year!!


It has been a while since I have post.  The fall always seems to get the best of me in this industry. I love it but it is sure nice to clear my head a bit come January.  For the next few posts, I will be back tracking a little bit :).


This family was so fun to work with.  I come from a large family and I love the energy that large families have.  Lots of hustle and bustle, different interests and things to talk about.  I so enjoyed getting one on one time with each of the kiddos and learning more about them! Congrats on your beautiful crew! I wish for you many wonderful things in 2015!

WilliamsSept2014-199 copy
Thank you again for your patience on this post!



xo Annie

WilliamsSept2014-8 copy
WilliamsSept2014-37 copy
WilliamsSept2014-64 copy
WilliamsSept2014-164 copy
WilliamsSept2014-239 copy
WilliamsSept2014-370 copy
WilliamsSept2014-295 cropcopy copy copy

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This little bundle was welcomed into the world by our dear, dear friends and we could not be more happy for them.  He is the first baby that has slept through a WHOLE newborn shoot! Hopefully that is a sign of wonderful sleeping to come! Congratulations to two of the most beautiful people both inside and out and you little boy.  We look so forward to watching him grow and could not be more excited for you all:). xoxo – Annie

SmithNov2014-401 copy
SmithNov2014-89 copy
SmithNov2014-327 copy
SmithNov2014-234 copy
SmithNov2014-203 copy
SmithNov2014-82 copy
SmithNov2014-16 copy
SmithNov2014-5 copy
SmithNov2014-646 copy
SmithNov2014-129 copy
SmithNov2014-17 copy


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Love their energy….:)   I have been photographing this sweet family for a long time and I have loved every minute of it.  They are one of the kindest, most loving crews out there and it is always a joy to show up at their door to see children ready to play! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to document your beautiful little guys! I look forward to watching your kiddos grow. Much love to you all….

xo Annie


KrishnaswamiOct2014-2-8 copy
KrishnaswamiOct2014-320 copy
KrishnaswamiOct2014-265 copy
KrishnaswamiOct2014-207 copy
KrishnaswamiOct2014-176 copy
KrishnaswamiOct2014-164 copy
KrishnaswamiOct2014-128 copy

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Love…. Love… Love… sums this all up!  There is nothing more joyful to me than watching families embrace a beautiful, new addition to their family. I had the honor of watching this family welcome their first little one, Mr. J and he has been such a fun, energetic little guy to get to know! Last month, they added another bundle of joy, Miss E.  Thank you for the opportunity to document such a special journey! xo –


Dear Miss E…. this is a message for you for now and always…

May you always remember

You are BRAVER than you believe,

STRONGER than you seem,

and SMARTER thank you think.

(A.A. Milne – Winnie the Pooh)


I am excited to watch you grow into a beautiful little girl, both inside and out!


LoumenaNewbornSept2014-1740 copy
LoumenaNewbornSept2014-1965 copy
LoumenaNewbornSept2014-1968 copy
LoumenaNewbornSept2014-2454 copy
LoumenaNewbornSept2014-196330x20 copy


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Boy.. this time of year always gets me. I have not posted for a long time because I have been out taking advantage of this amazing Portland weather (well not today!) documenting some of Portland’s finest! ! I love getting a sneak peak into the everyday lives of these incredible families, many of which I have been photographing for a long time.  Watching these kiddos grow, come into their own, gain new skills, new loves, tackle life in new ways….   LOVE!

Ok… here we go:)


This will be a series of posts… I have been photographing this crew for a long time now and I just adore them both inside and out!!:)

HartmeyerJuly2014-1928 copy
HartmeyerJuly2014-1472 copy



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Sometimes in life, I have found that one needs to honor the need to retreat and take a break.  The past two months have been this with blogging for me. Life has been full and I needed to cut somewhere, so technology was it. I love staying connected and giving clients a little heads up on what we have been up to.  I am back now and am hoping to stay connected, by starting with this little bean.


OH… MY… GOODNESS! Is he not soo sweet…. and that hair… strawberry blonde spikes! I am in love! He was welcomed into this world by two of the nicest people ever.  Congratulations on your newest addition to your family. I wish you so much happiness! xoxo  Annie:)


FullmerWehner2014-6264 copy copy
FullmerWehner2014-6503 copy
FullmerWehner2014-6734 copy
FullmerWehner2014-6205 copy

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I have to apologize… I am trying… but I am not the best blogger in the world from a far shot! I am trying though and I guess that is good. My goal is to blog 1 x a week from now until the summer! I hope you are around to check it out:).  Enjoy!

xoxoxo…. Annie


By the way…. I am so in love with little beings hands and feet… so I leave you with this cutie! xo


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F a c e b o o k