I truly don’t know where the time has gone. Running a small business is no joke and it requires many hats, of which my blog hat seems to be at the bottom of my to do list often. A lot is happening around here these days. Summer is in full swing, fall sessions are starting to fill, kids are almost out of school for the summer and life is busy (but great!).

If you are looking to book a session for the summer, I suggest you do so soon, especially if you would like to schedule a weekend date. Those tend to fill up fast! ūüôā

I will leave you with a little preview of one of my spring baby sessions. I just love documenting little newborns in their family home. It makes me happy to know that one day this little girl will be able to look back and have a visual of what life was like when she entered the world.

Thank you again family W for a great morning…

xo Annie

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Look at those cheeks… I just love little newborns – their sounds, soft skin, and smell… Oh i could go on and on! ¬†Watching a family welcome a new little being with all the adjustments, excitement and challenges that comes with it is a beautiful gift! It’s truly what life is all about… family.

These little guys could not have been more excited to introduce me to little¬†Mr. B. Although he wasn’t quite ready to run tractors on the floor, he was definitely learning by observation from his brothers. ¬†¬†Soon enough he will be rocking it with them!

Thanks family C for a great morning! I loved getting to see you all again. Congratulations on your beautiful new addition!

xo Annie


Clawser copy

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A new one has arrived and in a flash she is 6 months old!

Where does the time go? ¬†As my children get older and older (or maybe it is me getting older and older), I feel like time just speeds up! I remember my mom saying this to me as I had my first child, “Enjoy, because it will speed past you faster than you could ever imagine.” ¬†As I sat in the wee hours of the morning, completely sleep deprived¬†contemplating what she said, I thought, she is crazy! I will be feeding this child forever! ¬†Well, as with most things… she was right! It does just keep getting faster and faster, which is why I just love when families take the opportunity to document there sweet bundles at milestone ages. ¬†If I didn’t have my albums (which took me, a photographer, forever to actually finish!), ¬†it would be hard for me to remember!

This little sweet bundle, Miss E, is one of the happiest little 6month olds I know. Who wouldn’t be when you have an entertainer for a brother! I just adore all of you¬†and so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the growth of your¬†sweet crew. ¬†Much love to you all and Happy 6 mths Miss E! ūüôā

Loumena2015-166 copy
Loumena2015-86 copy
Loumena2015-12 copy


xo – Annie



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The first time I photographed this family is when they were getting ready to welcome their oldest daughter into their beautiful crew.  I have so enjoyed getting to know them over the years and watch little Miss P grow and now be a wonderful and adoring big sister.  Welcome to the world little ones! Congratulations and such a beautiful crew A and S.  I wish you many wonderful years together.

xoxo Annie

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Happy New Year!!


It has been a while since I have post.  The fall always seems to get the best of me in this industry. I love it but it is sure nice to clear my head a bit come January.  For the next few posts, I will be back tracking a little bit :).


This family was so fun to work with.  I come from a large family and I love the energy that large families have.  Lots of hustle and bustle, different interests and things to talk about.  I so enjoyed getting one on one time with each of the kiddos and learning more about them! Congrats on your beautiful crew! I wish for you many wonderful things in 2015!

WilliamsSept2014-199 copy
Thank you again for your patience on this post!



xo Annie

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This little bundle was welcomed into the world by our dear, dear friends and we could not be more happy for them.  He is the first baby that has slept through a WHOLE newborn shoot! Hopefully that is a sign of wonderful sleeping to come! Congratulations to two of the most beautiful people both inside and out and you little boy.  We look so forward to watching him grow and could not be more excited for you all:). xoxo РAnnie

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Love their energy….:) ¬† I have been photographing this sweet family for a long time and I have loved every minute of it. ¬†They are one of the kindest, most loving crews out there and it is always a joy to show up at their door to see children ready to play! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to document your beautiful little guys! I look forward to watching your kiddos grow. Much love to you all….

xo Annie


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