My Philosophy


    “Your kids will never be as young as they are right now…”

How often have you thought to yourself, I need to schedule that portrait session, and then before you know it another year passes you by. I know I have the same problem. If I don’t make it happen right now, it wont. I know life is busy and to be honest, having your pictures taken isn’t always the most exciting thing to do (Until you come to our session- I just may convert you!). You may not feel comfortable with your weight, skin, NW lack of sun, and so on, but to be honest, the moment will never be perfect it will only pass you by.

During this process I promise…

…to do EVERYTHING I can to make your complete experience from start to finish as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.
…to bring large amounts of patience, joy, and energy to each session.
…to not be scared of newborn poos, toddler slobber or drippy noses, sassy attitudes or questions upon questions about what to wear, as this is all a part of my job and I love it! 🙂
…to not take the picture of the cheesy grin but to wait for the “real” smile to unfold.
…to do EVERYTHING I can to capture the true essence of your family as you are RIGHT NOW! As this moment in time will never exist again.
…to ask parents to leave when I feel like I can better capture who they are with a little one on one time(or in close earshot of you).
…to never push a child beyond their comfort level or make them be photographed when they are just having a bad day.
…to photograph your child with their blankie, in their tutu (that they wear every day), eating their favorite ice cream (or something along those lines).
…to make parents do silly things and interact with their children during family sessions.

Above all… I promise to bring EVERY piece of my being to our session to make it as personal, relaxed and enjoyable as possible while documenting the true essence of your beautiful crew.

xoxo Annie

Side Caption: I pulled the above image out of the many images taken when my children were younger. It was a moment in time that I will NEVER forget. I truly cherish this photograph as it reminds me how much my little boy and nephews cherished the NW mud, even in their Sunday church clothes!

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